Charles M. Nowell Jr.
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German BEGi C.Glossner Video

G3PO-s Loop and Roll Video

G3PO With pre-rotator

GT17 Kit Prototype Movie

BEGi with Pilot Pod, Movie

Aerial video of Mickey's Airport from BEGi.
Black Widow Wireless Camera.

BEGi Black Widow Wireless Video


Video BEGI #2 Hi Res (8.3 Meg)

Video BEGI #2 Low res (2.7 meg)

G3PO Bill Of Materials

NEW! GT17 Video

In flight video of the pits

In flight video runway pass

In flight video, Loop, Air to Air shot

GyroCopter Videos

DougM flying his G3PO off grass

Close in and Touch and Go

Jim's Test Flying

Deadstick Touch and Go, etc.

Night Flying

BEGi Pusher Giro Video

G3PO Model


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