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Sorry, but kits are no longer available.
I have some parts available.
I have the laser cut wood parts and some of
the metal parts (blade straps and head stiffeners).
The manuals are still downloadable.
Email for a list of available parts.

Click for Videos & Pictures and More!

BEGi manual 12/17/07

BEGi (Backward Engine Girocopter)
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G3PO Manual/Plans (PDF) 6 meg

G3PO (Gyrocopter 3.0)
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GT17 Manual/Plans (PDF) (3 meg)

Parts identification Diagram


You supply a GWS Stearman fuselage kit.

Details for either kit:
  • The kits are very complete. All hardware, pushrods, wheels, wheel collars, screws, horns, pull pull hardware, etc. is included.
  • Very complete 25+ page instruction manual with many, many photos and beginner flight tips.
  • To finish you will need:
  • Brushless motor (suggested motor is Himaxx 2812-850 outrunner, or similar).
  • 10 Amp brushless speed control (Castle Creations Phoenix 10 or similar).
  • Prop, APC 10x3.8 Slow Flyer or APC 10x4.7 Slow Flyer
  • Receiver (4 channel)
  • Lipoly Battery (3S1P 11.1 Volt, 900 to 1300 MAH, 10-12C rating)
  • Two pico servos (GWS Pico, etc) for pitch and roll control.
  • One micro servo (GWS Naro, HS55, etc) for rudder control.
  • Foam Safe CA Glue
  • Simple hand tools.
  • For GT17 a GWS Stearman fuselage and a rudder pushrod of your choice is required.

Sorry, but production has ended and no more kits are available. I do have stock on some of the parts. Click this link to email for a list of available parts.

Links for more information:
Pre-rotator Option:
An optional pre-rotator is available.
This consists of a small electric motor
and gear train combined with a
one-way clutch bearing on the main
shaft. This allows the rotor to be
spun up allowing for very short
takeoffs (as short as 3 feet!).
This makes it possible to fly
the gyrocopter in very small
spaces, like a tennis court or
The pre-rotator comes with
the mounting platform, one way
clutch and main drive gear and
The builder supplies an electric
power system 
a 2-5 amp brushed speed control.
A 5 or more channel receiver
is needed.
Follow the video link above to
see video of the pre-rotator equipped
gyrocopter in action.
The pre-rotator kit is $22
($20 if ordered with
a G3PO,BEGi or GT17 kit).